Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rematch with Rachel Sinclair!

Had a rematch with the lovely Rachel Sinclair! It was kinda impromptu as we discovered that evening that we were a mere two blocks away from each other while texting and we decided then and there that it's on! I had such a blast with this girl the first time we went at it the day before so it was exciting to get to continue our battle! My legs were still freshly sore from her grapevine which is a damn tight hold for sure!

We met up at her place and went at it for the next hour plus! We traded submission back and fourth as we did the day previous. Rachel's legs are a pretty lethal combination of alluring sensuality and raw squeezing power! More than once she would draw me in against her and then make me pay for it in a crushing full body squeeze or more painful yet, her patented grapevine!

We found that we were pretty even in overall squeezing power as the struggle went on (though she did gain one of her submissions by overpowering my legs with hers in a mutual leg-lock). The hour was almost up when we squared off one more time and she asked me if I thought I was ready for this fall. Of course I was! "Well good," she says with her cute yet dangerous smile "because we're tied 2-2!"

We had been chatty and social a lot in our previous falls. Competitive but fun. But what followed was the longest most intense single fall I have done in recent memory. Subdued were the giggles and taunts for the most part as we wrestled back and fourth for what might have been a full 10 minutes! We were both totally into it and both determined to win. We were drenched in sweat as Rachel's legs would gently slide around mine looking for an opportunity to draw me into one of her "death-hugs!" We both got each other in our best holds only to have each of us slip out in a nick of time. Finally after a long intense battle I managed to get her to submit with my soccer trained legs around her middle. And considering the last person to ever get Rachel to submit in a scissors was Julie Squeeze, I consider that quite an accolade!

So that was our re-match! The first of many I am sure! No video of it this time around but there's always next time for that. Rachel Sinclair is such a fun match! She is super fit with the figure of a super model, endless physical stamina and is so cute it'll make you melt. If you get the chance to meet her you won't regret it. Can't wait till she comes back to my neck of the woods! :)

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