Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ultra Competitive: Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne Jewel is probably one of the most pleasantly surprising female wrestlers I've faced. I first met her in a session over a year ago which was really fun! She had set up mats for us in her hotel room which gave us plenty of room to feel each other out. We probably didn't use a lot of it though as, like myself, Cheyenne is not shy about locking in tight and squeezing out a victory.

Our very first fall I moved in and she leaned back taking my waist between her thighs and locked on a shockingly tight body scissors! Usually getting scissored from this position (just like guard in bjj) is not as bad as other positions. But Cheyenne's legs are toned from years of horse back riding and her upper body equally strong from years of doing farm work. This girl just has a natural ability to squeeze! I felt my body tensing up as I struggled to tough it out and hold on, a voice in my head saying "oh my God you're in trouble!" I was so close to submitting when I barely managed to slip free from above. The fact that she did not have the best leverage in that position was the only thing that saved me.

We wrestled pretty non stop throughout the hour. I had been training in classes at that point on and off for a couple years so I did have a decent skill edge over Cheyenne who was more just starting out in wrestling competitively at that time. Through all the crushing body locks and squeezes I was able to hold my own in strength and maneuver myself around her and edge her out by a very slim margin each fall. By the end the score was 6-0. We both loved the challenge we gave eachother and were both eager for a rematch.

Through occasional texting back and forth we would egg each other on to up our game for the big rematch. I had since started my store and we decided it would make for a great video. Cheyenne had taken some classes and improved her technical skill. I had slipped physically at the end of last year and was about 5 months into getting myself into the best shape I have ever been in. This would be one of the first matches I had done on video since making that progress. The stage was set for an epic best of 5 falls mixed wrestling showdown. Both of us better wrestlers and stronger athletes than the first time we tangled.

So that's in my store! I won't spoil it by saying who won but I can definitely tell you the score was NOT 5-0! This was a close struggle. Cheyenne definitely had gotten even stronger and had added significantly to her game. She is a better technical wrestler now than she was a year ago and can still muscle it out like an amazon when she needs to.

So one of us was able to edge out a victory in the video but we were both game for more. We wrestled 6 more falls over the next hour and in retrospect I probably should have kept the camera going. It was super intensely competitive. Our video match behind us and now the both of us striving for personal pride between two fit athletes who love to compete against eachother. At one point Cheyenne even put her foot through a wall while pushing off to avoid my legs. (we fixed it of course and to my surprise the space owner seemed more disappointed over the fact that it was not on video! Lol).

Near the end of the hour we were tied at 3 to 3. We both looked at each other, covered in sweat and visibly worn down. Neither of us could let it end in a tie. We squared off for what would be the tiebreaker for our rematch after our rematch. We locked up with each other, both of us maneuvering for position. First she would threaten me in a hold and then I would turn the tables. I managed to maneuver her waist between my legs and flexed them hard going for a submission but didn't have enough left to hold it out for long. She muscled out of my hold and locked me in a rear naked and squeezed! But she didn't have enough strength left to keep me from struggling to face her.

We had worn eachother out over the last 11 straight falls but were both hoping to outlast the other just once more. We wrestled back and fourth, slippery with sweat for a full 20 minutes. Finally both of us admitted neither of us had the strength left to actually submit the other so we called it a truce for that round.

If you are reading this and you get a chance to have a match with Cheyenne Jewel you definitely should. She is naturally competitive, deceptively strong, can squeeze the daylights out of you and is one of the nicest people you can imagine. She loves a good struggle and really brings it in her matches. Just check out our
5 round showdown to see how hard she wrestles! :)

There will definitely be more matches in this rapidly developing mixed wrestling rivalry for sure!