Saturday, March 5, 2011

Awesome New Opportunities for Mixed Fighting!

2011 thus far is full of new and exciting mixed wrestling opportunities! I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight a few new sites and experiences! Firstly, my store has been doing pretty well so far especially considering it's kind of just an extension of my hobby. I have some great matches in there so far and continue to find opportunities to keep adding more. It's really just been the perfect combination of lucky circumstances that I have been able to get the space, camera, opponents and ability to self produce my matches. It has already well exceeded my expectations! Above is a pic of me getting worn down in one of Devon D'amo's signature holds "The Devon Sleeper!" It's on sale for the next week while I prepare the footage of an extra intense rematch between me and Devon in oil! Those of you that liked the first will love the second. :)

Jennifer Thomas has started up a new site that is really cool and I think long over due. is basically a networking site focused on the session wrestling industry. Wrestlers and clients alike can create profiles, add pictures, promote yourself, find potential matches and find events. The interface so far is good! It may not be facebook caliber yet, but they are constantly working to add more functions and perks and the real value of the site is that it is focused on wrestling, female and mixed, and is a great place to get your name out there and get yourself noticed by other wrestlers. I've already met a few that I am looking forward to meeting and will likely get the opportunity to collaborate with, including the very sweet and lovely Jennifer Thomas herself. :) Check out this site. Create a profile. You don't have to be a Session Girl to have a profile on SessionGirls and network. I have one there! Friend me. :)

Another site I would like to give a nod to is which is a monthly mixed wrestling event where you can go to hang out, socialize and jump on the mats for a good quick struggle. I have been attending on and off for a while now and the roster of talent that they continually manage to get at the event is always impressive! From big name woman wrestlers from all over the country to lesser known hidden gems that you might never get the chance to wrestle outside of meeting them at this event. The space that they have for this event is both private and large. There is plenty of space to lounge about and chat it up with a potential match. There are refreshments at no additional charge (you do pay a door fee but I have found it to be well worth the price of admission). Michelle Falsetta runs the show and really outdoes herself each month with her hosting capabilities. For any fan of mixed wrestling this is definitely an excellent place to get to meet and wrestle female wrestlers of all levels of skill and strength. It's a blast! I find myself going back to the event over and over as it never disappoints! The next event is on March 31st 8 to 11pm. They always post the dates for the next party well in advance so just check the site if you want to go.

One more site that I want to let people know about is which is run by the very fit, very awesome FlameBabe (a.k.a Flamedragan). It's a membership site which also has a clips store and has a wide variety of struggle fetish related clips. It's well worth a look as it features a wide array of female wrestling stars including one I actually seldom see in videos, Sunfire, who I once had the chance to wrestle and was shocked by the strength of her scissors and grapvines! Among the very strongest I have experienced! She is like a python. If you don't tap, she squeezes harder... and harder... and harder... until you do. There is a match between her and FlameBabe that alone is worth joining up for. However if al la carte is your preference, she also has a clips4sale sore you can buy individual matches from.

So those are my highlights for now! Three very talented female wrestlers that all have some pretty cool offerings online and deserve your support. Great to see people like them taking more control of this shared passion and adding more opportunities for the rest of us to join in the fun! I have soooo much more to talk about! Including my quest to take my fitness level through the roof through mixed grappling. But it will have to wait till next time I suppose! Till next time! :)