Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wrestling with Skylar Rene

Been a while since I've made a proper Post. This has largely been because I fell into twitter. What can I say. It's swift, efficient and it's really easy to get instant feedback on your musings. That being said though sometimes it's good to read past 140 characters. There's been a lot of other blogs popping up lately and it makes me think this blog was either ahead of its time or just not promoted properly by me. Either way, it's nice to see more people being more open about session wrestling.

Speaking of which, I don't session as often as I used to due mostly to going through a career change and having less money to throw down for it but this past week I had the chance to session with the incredible Skylar Rene. She has been pretty high on my want-to-wrestle list for a while. 

I originally saw her on Femwin and then saw her wrestle my friend Cheyenne Jewel on Female Wrestling Zone. She immediately reminded me of my long time rival Roxi Vicious. A life long natural athlete with a natural competitive streak and a beauty that is electrifying to be in the presence of.

I got to meet her in person for the first time at the October 2013 NYC event but alas I did not get to face her on the mats that time. It's probably just as well as I was nursing a pretty nasty neck injury that made it very hard to effectively wrestle.

But now I was all good to go physically and eager to finally face this awesome wrestler girl one on one!  I showed up at her door with pre match butterflies. She had been wrestling all day and actually had some neck and shoulder issues of her own. Despite that she was willing to go pretty competitive!  

We squared off, moving in both of us with hands up. As we locked up I immediately felt the power of Skylar!  She is freaking strong!  I ended up on bottom as we struggled and wrestled for advantage. The match went back and fourth for several minutes. I was purposely trying to avoid attacking her neck or arms too much. Skylar is known for her scissors so it was pretty much a scissors match. But then I got caught in a super tight headlock and I realized this girl is just as strong up there as she was between her thighs!  After barely wriggling free I did manage to wrap my legs around her and squeeze those powerful abs to submission, but I had to squeeze full power!

We both took needed breathers and then squared off again. I could tell the last fall had riled her up!  She pounced on me and immediately wrapped her powerful thighs around my ribs. This way the first time she had gotten a full squeeze on me and despite being on top I could feel my torso getting crushed! I managed to barely withstand her first crush. Then she pushed my hips towards hers and wrapped me deeper between her thighs. Submission came quickly as I tapped her rock hard quads and collapsed on top of her.

We had many more falls like this. Intense, athletic and almost without exception it ended when one of us trapped the other fully in a body scissors. It was fun, challenging, and a total rush! 

Skylar is an awesome match. I can't wait for the rematch on video. She's extremely competitive by nature and can back it up physically! I left that session not wanting to have to wait to challenge her again. For me that will probably be next year. If she's near you sooner don't pass her up!