Sunday, June 27, 2010

Devon D'amo visits NYC

Devon D'amo came to NYC looking for a scrap and I was oh so happy to oblige! We go back a little bit, having met when she was an invited guest at the Grapple Den party. We kept meeting up after and I am proud to be able to call her a good friend. You would think this fondness would make us take it a little bit easy on each other but in fact the opposite is true. We get more tooth and nail with each and every encounter, more competitive and determined to out do each other than perhaps we would be if we did not know each other as well. Devon is brutally tough to submit! At 5'3'' she pretty eagerly goes power vs power against me and more than holds her own.

We started out with a short 20 minute-ish video challenge that ended up going the best of 5 falls with the winner grabbing a last minute submission after holding off an onslaught of a comeback from the... "not-winner" lol. I think this makes a total of 5 or 6 video challenges between the two of us, though they have not all yet been released. you can find all of them so far though at:

After the vid we shut down the cam and settled our personal score going at it for an exhausting but fulfilling amount of falls over the next two hours! The video winner ended up about 2 submissions down by the end after trading the lead 3 or 4 times. ;)

After the match we met up with a couple friends including Jacquelyn Velvets (of for drinks and dancing downtown thereby making it a pretty awesome day for this guy here, lol. Fun times were had by all till the wee hours of the next morning here in NYC. I always miss Devon when she leaves like I'm a sick little puppy. But she'll be back to try and even the score before too long. We've gotten too competitive to just let it stand and settle. So till next time Devon! GRRR! ;)

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