Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kaysha Brazil

Been too long for blog entries! I had looked for reasons other than new videos to start blogging again and finally the perfect circumstance came up for me to talk about.

So tonight I got to take on Kaysha Brazil for full hour session after a lot of uncertainty of weather we'd actually get to meet up. I'm really glad our schedules finally clicked because this was a super fun, intensely competitive match!

Kaysha is originally from Rio de Janeiro and has been wrestling since she can remember. She's a jujitsu brown belt with a natural competitive streak and a tempered will that makes her a patient yet unrelenting opponent.

We faced off from knees knowing we were going to end up down on the mats pretty quickly anyways and both of us had similar strategies of trying to wear the other down. Kaysha has excellent endurance! Despite anything I did to try to tire her she would sweep me and put me in similar situations where I had to constantly defend her submission attempts and contend against her strong physical pressure.

Our first fall must have gone about 20 minutes. Both of us ground the other into the mats waiting for the opportunity to finish.

After many sweeps and reversals Kaysha finally caught me in a hold I've never experienced before. She had my neck in a sort of arm scissor and once locked in she wrapped her legs to squeeze her arms into my neck!  It was hard to have to finally tap out after such a long hard-working fall but Kaysha had me locked in tight!  I was really intrigued. She said it was an improvised version of a submission she has use in Gi grappling. I asked of she needed a water break after such a long fall but she was eager to go right back at it. Clearly there was no tiring her out!

We continued on for another 40 minutes. There were many sweeps, reversals and submission attempts. I caught her a couple of times with my legs but most of the time she had me pretty tightly tangled in hers. The final score ended up being something like 2-2. I was proud to have to have hung in there with such an awesome grappler. It was a really awesome challenge!

Kaysha may be new to the this scene but she's not new to the game. She's been whooping butt on the mats for over 10 years. If you get the chance to challenge her consider yourself lucky! She's fierce competition mixed with a very sweet personality and you'll be seeing her name everywhere soon enough!

You can follow her on Twitter: @KayshaBrazil
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