Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally got it done! Store Launched!

I finally launched my clips store. :) After plenty of urging from friends an opponents alike that I should give it a try, here it is! Now some of the matches I rave about so much on here can be seen by any who want to see them. I had to get a certain number of clips going before I could "officially" launch so I am launching with multiple matches already available, but what an AMAZING trio of featured opponents this is: KO, Devon D'amo and Julie Squeeze!! Tell me that's nothing short of an all-star line up?!

First, as hinted at previously my most recent encounter with the incredible KO [] was caught on video as the two of us put each other in crushing lockups of all sorts. Now that the camera was rolling, we were both eager to rack up submissions on each other. An intense all out power struggle ensued with each of us flat out trying to over power the other! No resting or mercy between falls either. Both of us were truly looking to dominate! You can also find 3 additional rounds between us at her clip site too! []

I also had a video challenge match against Devon D'amo, who has rapidly become a friend of mine over the last few years. The overall match was set to be best of 5 rounds. The first 3 are traditional submission style matches. The last 2 rounds (part 2) we decided to try something different in light of losing our camera person and needing to keep the shot static. Devon has an incredible resistance to pain and despite being smaller than me, holds her own in power style moves like bearhugs, grapvines and scissors. So we decided to put it to the test in two rounds focusing on trying to purely out squeeze each other. An exhausting challenge of pure endurance, will and strength!

Finally, there is a full 5 round submission wrestling challenge between me and ultra-competitive wrestler Julie Squeeze! I almost shouldn't have to say much here. Julie holds victories over so many other female wrestlers it's almost like a who's who list of well known skilled female fighters. I took my chance to go all out against her and try to deal her a very rare defeat! I have wrestled her off camera before and had some success in a private fun setting, but now that the cameras were rolling I was about to find out just how competitive Julie can really be!

So there it is! I already have a few more matches on the horizon for it but if you are someone that really loves competitive mixed wrestling I hope this is something that you'll enjoy! I am definitely new to being on this side of things as far as putting a store together. I'll be figuring things out as I go along! So if anyone has feedback, suggestions or requests I welcome that! I can always be reached at

Cheers! :)