Sunday, June 20, 2010

NYC Wrestling Showcase Recap

So the showcase was a complete success! There was much fierce grappling to be seen and I was there blogging about all of it from my phone, lol. It's an imperfect feature because I can't put titles in and I have to keep the posts very short but oh well, maybe I'll learn better soon.

So all the matches were really good and I am pretty sure there were no draws. It was interesting to see the intermingling of fighting styles as some participants have ju-jitsu backgrounds while others are more submission wrestling. The crowd fav definitely seemed to be Clobberetta vs the Bulk (and I don't blame them as it was pretty high enegery!). If I had to choose a personal favorite I would probably pick Sherry Stunns vs Amazon Annie as it was a pretty epic power struggle with both girls very determined to win. But again, all matches were very awesome!

I highly recommend attending these events as it's a great place to mingle between matches and you never know who you'll get to talk to. The highlight for yours truly (who was not scheduled in any matches this time around just FYI) came when Rachel Sinclair called me out in a video match challenge! You can see her WB270 here:

Rachel is an absolute sweetheart in person and I have seen her online for a while so it was very exciting to get the chance to face her for the first time on cam. :) So we came back the second day where there were a few extra matches being filmed that were not headliners at the showcase and we went at it in a competitive grapple for 2 five-minute rounds. So let me tell you! Don't let the fact that this girl is really cute fool you. She is really strong, super fit and has great stamina! We traded holds and squeezes all through the first round with neither of us being able to finish off the other. But in the second round submissions were definitely had! I'll post a link and possibly a trailer when I see it go online. It was very competitive but also super fun and I'm sure there will be a rematch in the near future! GRRR!!

So that's my recap! Excellent matches, even more excellent people! You can bet I'll be back for more at the next one. :)

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