Thursday, July 22, 2010

Face-off vs Gianna possibly in the works! stay tuned! ;) ...meanwhile vacation continues!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Decimated by Roxi Vicious!

So not long after my match with Veronica Vicious, her grapple-sis Roxi comes into town again looking to rumble. We pretty much go at it monthly whenever she visits the city. The last few rounds together had gone pretty well. 2 rounds ago was the one I actually beat her by a couple submissions and the one after that she won by about 6 to 3. This time around however I was simply not prepared to handle the onslaught she brought against me.

Roxi is about 5'9 and 150 lbs of fit statuesque beauty. She is at least as strong as I am in both upper and lower body, if not stronger. So I really relish when I am able to take the fight to her, but truth be told, kinda love it when she makes me feel so helpless too.

So we set up the mats ironically in the same exact spot where me and her sis had gone at it previously. It was during a heat wave in the city so the room was pretty hot. When we squared off I was determined to take her down but she was just as determined and was just too much for me. She out wrestled, out muscled and out struggled me over and over, racking up submission after submission with everything from chokes to scissors. Always with a devilish giggle as she would overwhelm my whole body.

I was only able to steal a couple points. One was a scissors and the other was a slippery rear naked choke that I was able to get aided by the heat as she couldn't stop me from slipping my arm around her neck. The score was ridiculously lop-sided, something like 12 to 2 in her favor! So she got some pretty vicious revenge on me but we will be having a rematch soon!

Whenever I get beat by a game opponent it motivates me to do something to train and get myself better for the next fight. With Roxi, it's always a total challenge! Technique, strength and endurance. She's been getting stronger and stronger too! So I have alot to train up to for our next battle. Can't wait though! :)