Sunday, June 27, 2010

Devon D'amo visits NYC

Devon D'amo came to NYC looking for a scrap and I was oh so happy to oblige! We go back a little bit, having met when she was an invited guest at the Grapple Den party. We kept meeting up after and I am proud to be able to call her a good friend. You would think this fondness would make us take it a little bit easy on each other but in fact the opposite is true. We get more tooth and nail with each and every encounter, more competitive and determined to out do each other than perhaps we would be if we did not know each other as well. Devon is brutally tough to submit! At 5'3'' she pretty eagerly goes power vs power against me and more than holds her own.

We started out with a short 20 minute-ish video challenge that ended up going the best of 5 falls with the winner grabbing a last minute submission after holding off an onslaught of a comeback from the... "not-winner" lol. I think this makes a total of 5 or 6 video challenges between the two of us, though they have not all yet been released. you can find all of them so far though at:

After the vid we shut down the cam and settled our personal score going at it for an exhausting but fulfilling amount of falls over the next two hours! The video winner ended up about 2 submissions down by the end after trading the lead 3 or 4 times. ;)

After the match we met up with a couple friends including Jacquelyn Velvets (of for drinks and dancing downtown thereby making it a pretty awesome day for this guy here, lol. Fun times were had by all till the wee hours of the next morning here in NYC. I always miss Devon when she leaves like I'm a sick little puppy. But she'll be back to try and even the score before too long. We've gotten too competitive to just let it stand and settle. So till next time Devon! GRRR! ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rematch with Rachel Sinclair!

Had a rematch with the lovely Rachel Sinclair! It was kinda impromptu as we discovered that evening that we were a mere two blocks away from each other while texting and we decided then and there that it's on! I had such a blast with this girl the first time we went at it the day before so it was exciting to get to continue our battle! My legs were still freshly sore from her grapevine which is a damn tight hold for sure!

We met up at her place and went at it for the next hour plus! We traded submission back and fourth as we did the day previous. Rachel's legs are a pretty lethal combination of alluring sensuality and raw squeezing power! More than once she would draw me in against her and then make me pay for it in a crushing full body squeeze or more painful yet, her patented grapevine!

We found that we were pretty even in overall squeezing power as the struggle went on (though she did gain one of her submissions by overpowering my legs with hers in a mutual leg-lock). The hour was almost up when we squared off one more time and she asked me if I thought I was ready for this fall. Of course I was! "Well good," she says with her cute yet dangerous smile "because we're tied 2-2!"

We had been chatty and social a lot in our previous falls. Competitive but fun. But what followed was the longest most intense single fall I have done in recent memory. Subdued were the giggles and taunts for the most part as we wrestled back and fourth for what might have been a full 10 minutes! We were both totally into it and both determined to win. We were drenched in sweat as Rachel's legs would gently slide around mine looking for an opportunity to draw me into one of her "death-hugs!" We both got each other in our best holds only to have each of us slip out in a nick of time. Finally after a long intense battle I managed to get her to submit with my soccer trained legs around her middle. And considering the last person to ever get Rachel to submit in a scissors was Julie Squeeze, I consider that quite an accolade!

So that was our re-match! The first of many I am sure! No video of it this time around but there's always next time for that. Rachel Sinclair is such a fun match! She is super fit with the figure of a super model, endless physical stamina and is so cute it'll make you melt. If you get the chance to meet her you won't regret it. Can't wait till she comes back to my neck of the woods! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Awesome fun blog post coming hopefully later today. Had a pretty awesome battle last night that is definitely worth telling about. Fun times! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

NYC Wrestling Showcase Recap

So the showcase was a complete success! There was much fierce grappling to be seen and I was there blogging about all of it from my phone, lol. It's an imperfect feature because I can't put titles in and I have to keep the posts very short but oh well, maybe I'll learn better soon.

So all the matches were really good and I am pretty sure there were no draws. It was interesting to see the intermingling of fighting styles as some participants have ju-jitsu backgrounds while others are more submission wrestling. The crowd fav definitely seemed to be Clobberetta vs the Bulk (and I don't blame them as it was pretty high enegery!). If I had to choose a personal favorite I would probably pick Sherry Stunns vs Amazon Annie as it was a pretty epic power struggle with both girls very determined to win. But again, all matches were very awesome!

I highly recommend attending these events as it's a great place to mingle between matches and you never know who you'll get to talk to. The highlight for yours truly (who was not scheduled in any matches this time around just FYI) came when Rachel Sinclair called me out in a video match challenge! You can see her WB270 here:

Rachel is an absolute sweetheart in person and I have seen her online for a while so it was very exciting to get the chance to face her for the first time on cam. :) So we came back the second day where there were a few extra matches being filmed that were not headliners at the showcase and we went at it in a competitive grapple for 2 five-minute rounds. So let me tell you! Don't let the fact that this girl is really cute fool you. She is really strong, super fit and has great stamina! We traded holds and squeezes all through the first round with neither of us being able to finish off the other. But in the second round submissions were definitely had! I'll post a link and possibly a trailer when I see it go online. It was very competitive but also super fun and I'm sure there will be a rematch in the near future! GRRR!!

So that's my recap! Excellent matches, even more excellent people! You can bet I'll be back for more at the next one. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Domonique Danger vs Lady J Diesel to finish out the event! Looks like a battle between Titans!
Lots of scissors in this one. Who will crush the other to submission first?
Rachael Sinclair vs Sherry Stunns for 20 minutes! Here we go!
First submission in the second round! crowd is really into it.
Oh it's Rumble Time! in what has become the most anticipated match of the show, Clobberetta faces the Bulk!
Second round! looks like one girl is slowly getting worn down. Pretty epic struggle!
First submission! Crushing rear naked choke!
Total power struggle going on here folks. I just said "folks" *sigh* Who will out muscle whom? Awesome fight!
Pretty close mixed match there! very competitive. Pre-fight interviews for Annie vs Sherry going on as i type this!
As this match is raging on I can see Amazon Annie and Sherry Stunns casting dagger eyes at eachother from opposite sides of the mat. Their battle is up next!
Quick submission to start out! very intense fight right from the get go!
Next up is a competitive mixed between Lady J Diesel and Sneaky Pete. Wanna give Pete a chance but if I am a betting man gotta bet on Lady J. We will see!
Two matches in the books! Two decisive victories. Gotta love these live events!
Oh that was just round two. One more round! Can our down competitor mount a comeback?
It's 2-0 with a minute to go. Looks like a decisive victory in the works. Can't say who though! ;)
So I am here LIVE at the NYC Wrestling Showcase watching Veve Lane take on Domonique Danger! Intense battle so far! More live updates to come!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally set this up!

I have been told time and time again how much I should consider doing a blog with all the adventures I have in the mixed wrestling world. So that fine day has finally come at last!

Chances are, if you're reading this, that you know me in some way already. But if not, here's the short of it. I am Hanz Vanderkill of NYC. I have been into mixed wrestling for about as long as I can remember. I do sessions as well as find friends to grapple with. Since moving to NYC I have been able to expand on my hobby thanks in large part to my involvement in Grapple Den, NYC's premiere underground wrestling party and my friends the DoomMaidens. So there you have it! There will be much more to talk about soon as I am coming off one of my busiest grappling months in recent memory. So if you're still reading this, thanks for checking it out!