Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Competitive Mixed VS Shauna Ryanne

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet and wrestle Shauna Ryanne and wow what a fun, energetic experience that is!  First of all she goes one on one with Veve Lane in not one but two competitive matches and then after just a short break tells me to bring it!  Lol!  She truly loves to wrestle and I don't think any amount of fatigue could keep her off the mats. :)

So bring it I did and we had quite a fun competitive back and fourth!  Both of us got in a good mix of squeeze holds and and skillful submissions that by the end had us both out of breath, drenched in sweat on this early summer eve in NYC with no AC, and only two submissions apart in score.  

The only reason I know the score at all though is because it was recorded and I went back and counted the falls up for the video.  I don't think either of us had any idea how many submissions there were during the match as we were wrapped up in all the fun of that night.  You can definitely get lost in the moment in a match with Shauna as she is such a fun spirit, and yet can crush you at any instant!  You do indeed need to watch out for those dancer legs!

So that match is available here:
Shauna Ryanne vs Hanz VanDerKill

ALSO at SessionGirlClips.com:

And it's one of the first matches I've done (and first overall for my store) without the mask.  I've been told people like to see each wrestlers face as they battle it out.  So I did that for this one and will probably keep it that way from here on out

I have lots more to write about from over the past year but those will have to come at another time!  For now I just had to chime in about my match with Shauna Ryanne.  All the hype is true!  She's really quite amazing both on and off the mats!