Saturday, December 11, 2010

Muscle-Match VS All Natural KO

Wow, have I neglected my blog! Life gets busy sometimes I guess but I have had a ton of matches these last few months. So I am getting back on track here to make sure I get to tell the world about them. Seems only fitting that my first such entry is about a dear friend who's blog helped inspire me to start this one! :)

This past week I had the pleasure of matching muscles against the awesome "Hard as Fuk!" KO! This girl is pure kick-ass! Simple as that. Besides having a body to die for she has such an alluring and fun competitive personality to match. Seriously check out her blog [] after you've read this to see what I mean. She is the perfect embodiment of "Sexy meets Strong!" :) We had wrestled once before this past summer and had both put each other through the physical wringer!

We'd lock limbs and go at it like caged animals pulling each other into grips, pins, scissors, each fall lasting 10 minutes or more! She'd tap, then I'd tap... back and fourth... more or less wearing each other out by the end, finally ending up locked in a mutual body scissors where I was able to shock her with a hard earned submission from my soccer toned legs. If you've seen this girl's thighs, believe me that's an accomplishment!

We were so blown away by the great grapple chemistry we had with each other that we did a few rounds on video the next day, but alas the footage was lost!

So this week I was eager to meet up with this awesome female gladiator again. How close would we be this time? I would have to say I am stronger than half a year ago, having done alot of wrestling with a good number of skilled opponents. I was liking my chances at first!

I met her in the hallway on her way back to her room and the first thing I noticed as she waved there smiling in her daisy dukes and crop top were her thighs! They seemed more massive than before, packed with raw muscle, her abs looked like a washboard of tanned feminine steel and her arms looked like they could break ribs all on their own. I felt a definite chill of excitement as we said our hellos and got into our set up.

She kneeled across the mats from me as we stared each other down. She looked amazingly strong! We inched toward each other finally locking up and pulling each other to the mats. My arms went for triangle locks and head locks but her arms were more than an match to neutralize the strength in mine as she would lock my arms against her immobilizing them. Our thighs interlocked and squeezed neither of us able to out flex the other from the neutral position.

As we muscled back and fourth it seemed we were both dead even again, except both of us stronger this time! She wrapped her thighs around my waist and squeezed me in a devastating body scissors! Where I was able to hold out fairly well in our last encounter I quickly felt her thighs drain all the strength in my core and I was forced to submit to her anaconda-like vice! Similarly, I was able to trap her in some body scissors of my own and where I would have a fairly quick submission last time I found myself having to lock that squeeze in deep and long to wear down those powerful abs, finally eliciting a moan from her when I finally forced a submission.

Again we were even, with me having a little extra skill on her and KO having a definite strength edge on me. Both of us determined as hell. At the end of our private roll together we were tied 2-2. Then things got very interesting. As we had planned previously we wanted to video some of our falls. So we fired up the cameras and did a few rounds each on her cam and on mine. So I am excited to say that there will be video of the rest of this encounter available in the future! And let me tell you, as competitive as we are naturally together, you better believe the pride factor gets ramped up once the camera turns on!

KO is truly amazing to wrestle with. She is so friendly, yet so hell bent on dominating in a match. It's a very fun paradox to get swept up in. If we weren't all the way across the country I'm sure we would go at it lots more often! I am already eager to see how we compare in our next eventual struggle! :)