Monday, August 23, 2010

Pitch-black grappling challenge vs Roxi Vicious!!!

Had a rematch against my now long time rival Roxi Vicious with an interesting twist! Half of the match was a standard submission challenge. The second half was new for both of us but something we had both heard about. Grappling with no light what-so-ever. In our last match Roxi had steamrolled me pretty good so I was eager for revenge!

We squared off for the first part of out challenge in the same space as the previous encounter. I managed to keep things much more competitive this time gaining top position and going for chokes! She was able to fend me off though in the long run and wore me out with her strength! Roxi had been upping her Yoga routines since our last battle and had added kettle-bells to her workout regimen. Her arms and shoulders were noticeably stronger! Slowly she would wear me down in a python-like struggle, muscling out of my arm-submission attempts and locking my legs up in a lower body stalemate. Each fall was close and hard fought but Roxi again edged me out 4 to 1.

Soaked in sweat we hit the lights and continued in complete darkness. A very interesting experience as we went at it, both of us only able to sense strategy by the feel of the other's body movements. The falls felt longer by comparison and I could feel Roxi working hard against me, but much like before her strength was too much as I felt my arms tire in the struggle against hers and she was able to wrap me up into more submissions, winning the darkness part of our challenge also by a score of 4 to 1.

The only two submissions I was able to secure were both body scissors, proving that my legs were still a force to be reckoned with. But I was clearly out muscled in my arms and shoulders and unable to sink in my trademark arm triangle. Clearly, some kettle-bell routines of me own need to happen!

Another fun and really intense struggle for sure!

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