Sunday, August 29, 2010

Match VS Cindy of Tampa

Squared-off in a grapple with Cindy from Tampa (of Shefighters fame!) in a hard fought struggle! We had gone at it once before a year or so back with me edging her out in a very fun battle with MMA gloves. My arms were really sore from that! If you have not tried it, grappling with those gloves on makes your hands way easier to grasp and as a result you end up struggling in ways different from how you would bare-handed.

We set out the mats and got right into it! The first fall was really long with both of us reversing the momentum several times. In addition to the fact that Cindy has training she is hella-strong and fit. Even though I have some good size on her when we would get into mutual locks, there was no quit in her as she would eagerly try to out crush me with sheer strength!

After a good 10 to 15 minute marathon I finally slipped her into an arm triangle and stretched her out for the first submission! Though frustrated, Cindy was undaunted as she was eager to even the score. This girl, though a sweetie, definitely has an intense competitive streak! We went at it for a few more long and active falls with each of us fighting for position the whole way!

Eventually I was able to slide my legs around her and force her to concede at least two more times! (We had a couple falls end prematurely, one from a safety/mats check and one from mutual exhaustion.) All in all it was a very fun match and for me a much needed win against a tough opponent!

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