Monday, August 2, 2010

Exhausting Grapple vs Gianna!

So upon returning from a nice relaxing trip I faced Gianna in a competitive submissions only 1 hour grapple! I had seen her in action vs Veve Lane on at least two occasions and knew I was in for a fight against a very skilled grappler! We met at the venue after a little bit of phone tag and set up the mats in one of the rooms in the same facility as my previous two bouts.

Gianna is as stunning in person as she is in her photos and was playfully teasing as we set up the mats that she was confident of a win against me. I teased back politely but was inwardly determined not to give her any easy wins on my account! As we sized each other up on the mats things seemed overall even. I knew she had skill and experience in her favor as she has been training on and off since the late 90's! I had size on her and I was pretty sure I had her beat in strength and as for endurance, time would soon tell!

We came together in the middle of the mats as Gianna quite gently scooted closer and into position, legs ahead of her, the sure sign of a strategic fighter! I moved in and tried to lock in close against her but she pretty expertly used her ankles against my hips in a rubber guard to control my weight. She would flip me over and try to get on top as I would then use my strength and my legs to sweep and roll her back to her back, where she would very quickly hook her ankles in again and flip me back to my back!

We went at it like this for quite a while! The first 45 minutes were excruciatingly tiring! Gianna managed to submit me with various chokes a few times, including a super tight triangle which she admitted to being a bit surprised that I had almost lasted and battled out of! When I was able to pass her guard and get in close against her, my overall strength advantage became clear. Gianna has extremely strong arms that are almost as strong as mine that made arm-locking her exhaustingly tough! But once I was able to lock her up in my trusty anaconda/arm-triangle I was able to squeeze a satisfying submission from her that had her cursing in competitive (but still friendly) frustration!

I had done well for myself thus far! Gianna was ahead 3 to 1, but I had managed to keep her on the defensive for much of the match and she was admitting to feeling alot more fatigue than she thought she was going to! If I could keep going I might be able to even it up and wear her out.

In the last 15 minutes endurance came into play as Gianna managed to keep her pace up as I felt my muscles burning and tiring! She started putting my on the defensive more scoring a couple of pretty dominating rear naked chokes, snaking her legs around my hips as her arms contracted around my face like vices! Damn she was strong at locking that in! Pulling at her arms to get free was useless! And the slipperiness from such a hard fought match aided as she would eventually slip her biceps against my throat.

After choking me to submission she would gleefully hold her hands in front of my face before unwrapping her legs, giggling and taunting and holding up fingers to display the score as the match quickly lopsided in her favor. 4 to 1, 5 to 1, 6 to 1 all in quick succession! Finally after squeezing her way to a 7th submission the match was over! Both of us were tired but it was clear she had worn my body out and outlasted me in a match of endurance! All other stats between us at least came close to balancing us out.

We're already thinking of doing a rematch in the winter so I will have to try to work up my endurance for that one! Not to mention I feel like if I had worked at chokes from mount and half guard instead of struggling so much with her equally strong arms I might have been able to score a few more submissions in the first 45 minutes when I was holding my own! Time will tell!

Gianna is a very fun opponent! Clearly hot. Very sweet, yet with a definite ultra-competitive streak! It will be fun to see if I can manage to frustrate her a bit more next time! hehehe!

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