Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rolling with the SQUEEZE! (Julie Squeeze)

Julie Squeeze has been quieter in recent months compared to not so long ago when her name seemed to pop up on practically daily on many wrestling sites.  The reason turns out to be that she has been nursing some nagging chronic pain which thankfully is finally starting to go away for her with treatment.  She's still as tough and as eagerly competitive as ever though fighting at a trimmer 128 or so, down from when she was closer to a solid 140.  She says she plans to put much of that muscle back on when her body is ready to handle the training.  But I think this will actually make her more on the "stronger than ever" side than the "back to full strength" side of things, which I recently found out first hand.

I was playing Candy Crush (level 147 btw) when I saw the text come in.  She was coming to NYC and calling me out!  She said she had waited in doing so her last couple of trips because she wanted to be at her full strength for me.  Fair enough!  I replied and we went about setting up a Thursday night rumble!  When I finally got to see her she looked stunning!  Super fit and trim, athletic as always.  We chatted and caught up for a few moments before squaring off and locking up!

Since she is a good deal lighter and I'm also a lot stronger than I used to be I was able to throw her weight around a little more effectively than I have in times past.  The way it used to go (and the way it went in our last video) was that she would muscle me to the floor and I would just not have enough strength to budge her.  From there she would transition into any submission hold she preferred, usually her trademark scissors!  This time we were definitely more even.  I was able to submit her a few times and she was able to submit me just as many times if not a few more! (If I had to guess... like around 8-9 or 8-10?)  Part of the reason for this is I wanted to see if I could actually withstand her strength at times and I'd end up having to tap for my curiosity. :)

"So I've still got it?" she would smirk at me after a particularly punishing head scissor.

"Hell yeah you do!" I said as I shook the stars away.

We went back and fourth like this for a long time.  At one point she was able to lock me in a body triangle and squeeze me tighter than I think I may have ever been squeezed.  This excited her because it was a new technique for her and she said it took far less effort to lock on a sustained crush than it did with a straight body scissors.  We practiced this on eachother a few times.  She was definitely better at it!

Despite that we can both be very competitive people this match had a definite playfulness to it which was nice.  She's such a nice, genuine person!  Definitely wears her heart on her sleeve.

After our rumble we went out for food which was fun.  She wore a blue summer dress and looked like a total knockout.  The next day we met up for coffee too and chatted it up until I just had to get back to my day job sadly.  It wasn't going to take them much longer to realize I had closed the door to my room so they would think I just wanted quiet and no disturbances when in reality I had stealthy slid out the side door over and hour earlier.

So that's my most recent path crossing with Julie Squeeze!  She's really doing better than ever and seems very happy in life right now.  And she's getting stronger and stronger by the day!  Something to keep me motivated with my fitness if I want to continue to be able to offer her any real challenge. ;)

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