Monday, September 23, 2013

A Dance in Grapples - Sable (LWS)

I recently got to square off against Sable, who is one of the most competitive wrestlers at the London Wrestling Studio in the UK.  I had heard so much about her both online and through friends who recommended that I should definitely not miss meeting her if I was game for a great competitive match.  And she totally did not disappoint to say the least!

Upon meeting her, the first thing you'll notice is she is quite nice, soft spoken and polite.  Some people have even apparently said that she is actually "too nice!"  I don't know about that but I can definitively say that once you're in a wrestle with her you won't have time to speculate on her demeanor as she calmly and forcefully flows from hold to hold with a constant, crushing strength that endures seemingly forever.

While stretching out for our 20 minute competitive video match, my eyes were magnetized to Sable's naturally muscular hips, thighs and calves that surely only come from a years of classical dance training.  Though I was slightly bigger overall (180 lbs to her 165lbs), her legs were easily bigger than mine and I likely much stronger too.  I was eager for a fun match!

We started the first of our 10 minute rounds and the first thing she does is pull me into a headlock as we go to the mats.  This was my first chance to feel just how strong Sable was.  Her strength is absolutely crushing!  I found myself on my back as she squeezed away from on top.  I immediately felt the temptation to submit.  For all my sizing up of her legs I had definitely let the thought of her upper body strength fly under my radar!  Her arms and shoulders are solid with muscle and with her weight laying on me.  I was not strong enough to force my way up.  

After a few more seconds I got my hips under hers and rolled her towards her back.  Instead of resisting as most of my opponents do Sable rolled to her back and flowed through taking me right back over with her until I was on my back again.  Her arms still clamped tightly around my head.  This is something that's very unique about her style.  Wrestling with Sable is like a dance.  She gracefully flows from one position to the next and if you reverse her, then she'll go with your momentum and reverse you back.  When she has the advantage she seems equally comfortable using her grappling skills or using her formidable strength to crush you into place.  From seemingly any position she can wrap around you like a snake and sap the strength right out of you.  She has a vice like grip that is constantly challenging you, forcing you to exert your own strength to fight hers.  I have to say wrestling Sable is definitely one of the most exhausting matches I've ever had!  She is strong, determined and relentless in every minute of every fall!  So much for nice!

With all my heavy fitness training, I have been enjoying an endurance advantage in many of my matches lately.  But after each crushing fall with Sable I was definitely winded and catching my breath and feeling the burn in my arms and my legs from a constant muscle struggle against hers.  I was wondering if I was having an off day and tiring quicker than normal but I found that it's just that she is that strong.  And I found out first hand just how powerful those legs of hers are when they twice squeezed the fight out of me; once in a body scissors and once in a head scissors.  I was able to turn the tables on her here and there with my legs and a sneaky arm lock, but in the end I was thoroughly exhausted strength wise.  I was happy to learn she had found me equally exhausting. It was a truly grueling competitive match to be sure with both of us gaining multiple submissions on each other.  True competitive mixed.

It was seriously so much fun to wrestle Sable.  She lived up to all the hype I had heard from my friends and more.  It's unique to wrestle someone who is at once so strong and so graceful in her demeanor and movement.  Sable is obviously skilled and her sheer strength is shocking!  She mentioned that she is used to having a full hour to wear her opponents down, especially in mixed wrestling.  I can't imagine how exhausting and fun that might be but I can't wait to try!

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