Friday, April 15, 2011

Taking the Jello Wrestling Plunge!!!

So last night I got to experience a personal wrestling first (since I've been at this a while that is becoming rare). At IMPACT here in NYC I was lucky enough to get to participate in Jello Wrestling and wow was it fun! I had attended the first iteration of this even this past November and though watching was definitely a hoot I found myself wanting to jump in there so bad! So this time around I got on the list earlier. They actually do some of their own match making in advance so the odds of getting a match at the event is far better if it's set up in advance rather than trying to snag an instant match at the event. Slots fill up really quick!

This event is a total blast. It brings me back a little to a few years ago when they used to do similar events at Arlene's Grocery among a few other venues. These events were tournament style, all fem and had a very fun energy to them with play-by-play announcers and live music. I always enjoyed going to these events as a spectator but always wanted to feel the thrill of being in such a match in front of such an energetic crowd. They stopped doing the Jello events at some point but no one who had been to one really ever forgot how fun they were.

This event definitely retains a lot of the fun energy of the previous incarnation but I would say shifts it a little bit darker and edgier. It favors a fight card structure rather than a tournament structure and opens the match combinations up across the board. Fem v Fem, Male v Male, Mixed, even 2-on-2 and 2-on-1. There's a DJ, an MC, spotlights and the crowd goes wild! :)

My match was set a week or two in advance against a feisty looking fun FetLifer whom I had never met before (name withheld till she tells me it's cool). And there is something about that that's actually quite exhilarating. To me anyways, the idea of being matched up with someone you don't know for a first time match in front of a lot of people is pretty wild. I was excited to take the Jello Wrestling plunge!

As the event got rolling, the Wrestling Pit was set to go and the waivers were being signed by many eager participants who were mingling with an even greater number of curious spectators. I finally met my match face to face. Both of us were pretty much in our fetish/wrestling gear. We chit-chatted a little bit probably sizing each other up just a little at the same time (I was! lol). She was no push-over! Both of us had wrestled before, had some training in BJJ but neither of us had ever tried what we were about to do.

The lights over the Jello Wrestling Pit brightened and we were informed we would be the opening match! Instant butterflies as the spectators gathered. The MC hyped up the crowd for a night of fun and Jello-drenched glory! One at a time we entered the Jello ring to cheers from the fun-spirited crowd. We stared each other down a little as "Welcome to the Jungle" poured over the speakers from the DJ. We inched closer to each other, locked up and immediately tumbled into the pit together struggling to get on top.

Wrestling in Jello is probably crazier than any other kind of wrestling I have tried. Oil Wrestling is pretty slippery for sure, but it pretty much keeps to the skin. This was semi solid, slippery and you were in a pool of it that would get everywhere... in your mouth, in your tights... Every move would send it flying in all directions! Trying to grip onto your opponent pretty much results in gliding over them and getting flipped to your back. We went at it full steam ahead, both of us flipping the other over and going for pins. I could hear her giggling as I would attempt to get on top of her and then get flipped to my back in an instant.

The MC started counting down to the end of the time limit, crowd cheering us on, as I could feel the intensity of the struggle ramping up as both of us tried to pull out a last-second victory. I pressed her to her back, pinning her arms out to the side hearing the referee starting a 3 count but just as he gets to 2 I feel her part muscle, part slip to her side under me avoiding the pin. In the last seconds I got my legs around her waist and my arm around her neck and got a submission as time expired. Though technically chokes are illegal at this event so my victory was mired in controversy. Guess that just makes me a dirty Jello Wrestler! ;) (But seriously, everyone should follow the rules!) :)

We slapped hands and stumble-slid to the seating around the ring as the crowd cheered and the next match started being announced. I was surprised at how much I was panting from such a short match but it was highly energetic and honestly one of the most uniquely fun matches I had ever done and with a truly awesome-fun opponent.

The event went on with about a dozen really fun-spirited Jello battles with many lucky participants getting in there more than once. The party go-ers were into it, the atmosphere was electric and the Jello flew in all directions! You can bet I'll be going back, looking to extend my record and wreak gelatinous havoc on unsuspecting faces. And next time I'll have all sorts of new tricks up my sleeve... like sandals. The amount of Jello that got in my shoes was enough to inspire me to check them next time at the door along with my coat! :)

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