Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenge Match: Jennifer Thomas!

I was challenged by Jennifer Thomas to a match this past weekend in New Jersey and finally got to experience her world class headlocks for myself! First of all, she is really awesome and fun! She really loves to go at it in the older school style of get in there, muscle it out and crush you till you beg. Most of her training was in Pro Wrestling but she can mix it up in true competitive style.

She was someone who was on my "want to challenge" list for a long time. We finally started chatting actually not in regards to a match together but supporting each others web endeavors. Jennifer is definitely naturally competitive and it did not take long for us to start talking less about who was getting more clicks on and start talking more about who could make the other beg!

Both of us were pretty confident going in and both of us were loving the anticipation. On the day before Jennifer up the stakes even more by asking me to bring my camera so our first ever face off could be documented for all. Damn! No excuses. No do overs.

We faced off for 7 rounds with the winner taking the set by one submission. Jennifer is so strong especially given her petite size. It's a real shock locking up with her and feeling the limits of my strength matched by hers. The struggles were slow and taxing. Both of us were eager to lock the other in our favorite power holds. Headlocks for Jennifer and body scissors for me. There were no joint locks or chokes. We could have gone for them. But it just wasn't that style of fight. Both of us were committed to crushing the other till they couldn't take it.

It was one of the rare times I have ever been submitted in a headlock and probably fairly rare that Jennifer had been squeezed to submission in a body scissors. It was close! We both loved it! There will be more matches between us. Next time we are even flirting with the idea of an oil match! Time will tell!

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